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  • Israel Scorns Arafat Promise

    [See photo caption below] JERUSALEM, BBC-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has promised to do all that is needed to bring about an "immediate and unconditional" ceasefire, following the deadliest bomb attack in Israel for five years. But Israel says it wants actions, not just words. Israeli radio quoted political sources as saying the government would.. More

  • Palestinians Announce Ceasefire Steps

    GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian security forces announced practical steps to implement a cease-fire promised by President Yasser Arafat (news - web sites) after a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv raised the specter of strong Israeli retaliation. But it was unclear on Sunday if a wide array of Palestinian factions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (news - web.. More

  • Philippine Rebels Escape, Headless Bodies Found

    LAMITAN, Philippines (Reuters) - Muslim rebels, using child hostages as human shields, broke through a military cordon around a hospital in the southern Philippines on Sunday and escaped with American and Filipino captives, officials said. But just hours later, fighting had resumed in hills two miles away. Nearby, troops found the headless bodies of.. More

  • Macedonian Guns, Helicopters Hit Rebel Village

    [See photo caption below] SKOPJE (Reuters) - Macedonian artillery and helicopters bombarded ethnic Albanian rebels in the village of Matejce on Sunday ahead of fresh talks among government coalition partners aimed at ending the crisis. ``They are using helicopters and tanks. Helicopters hit Matejce and Otlja,'' a rebel commander using the name Shpati.. More

  • Youths charged with Damilola murder

    Youths charged with Damilola murder Damilola Taylor bled to death in a stairwell Police investigating the killing of schoolboy Damilola Taylor have charged four youths with his murder. The youths, aged between 14 and 16, were arrested and questioned by detectives at various south London police stations on Tuesday morning. Ten-year-old Damilola.. More

  • Israel Considers Retaliation

    JERUSALEM (AP) - Tearful, angry Israelis prepared to bury teen-agers killed in a suicide bomb attack as the nation's leaders huddled Sunday to consider retaliation, while Palestinians tried to enforce a cease-fire but braced for a blow. A girl wounded in Friday's bombing outside a disco in Tel Aviv died early Sunday, a hospital official said, raising.. More

  • Husseini's Body in West Bank for Jerusalem Funeral

    [See photo caption below] RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - The body of Faisal al-Husseini, the top Palestinian official for Jerusalem, arrived in the West Bank from Amman on Friday escorted by Palestinian President Yasser Arafat for a hero's funeral in Jerusalem. Hundreds of civilians and dignitaries gathered to pay their respects to Husseini, who was.. More

  • Bush Meets Katzav as Israel Urges More U.S. Action

    [See photo caption below] WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Israeli President Moshe Katzav said on Thursday he was ``very, very satisfied'' with U.S. involvement in the Middle East, while Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) urged Washington to do more to stop eight months of violence. After an Oval Office meeting with President Bush (news -.. More

  • Violence Persists in Middle East

    [See photo caption below] JERUSALEM (AP) - Palestinians fired mortar shells at a tiny Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip early Friday, a day after a West Bank drive-by shooting victim became the fourth settler to be killed this week. Four shells fell near the Jewish settlement of Slav in the Gush Katif bloc of enclaves in the southern part of Gaza,.. More

  • Arafat Warns of Israeli Attack

    [See photo caption below] BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat claimed Thursday that senior Israeli officials were preparing a ``new war'' to paralyze his Palestinian Authority. ``I have received a letter saying the (Ariel) Sharon government has adopted the principle of a new war against the Palestinian people,'' he said in a speech.. More

  • Russia's Putin Opens Ex-Soviet States Summit

    MINSK, June 1 (AFP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin met heads of 10 other former Soviet states Friday amid efforts to end conflict in Nagorno Karabakh and Islamic unrest in Central Asia as well as joint moves to boost trade. Putin launched the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) summit that groups 12 former Soviet republics minus the three.. More

  • Military Seizes Power in Comoros

    MUTSAMUDU, Comoros (AP) - Military troops overthrew the government and seized power in a bloodless coup Thursday on Anjouan, an island that has declared independence from the Comoros chain in the Indian Ocean, officials said.(Read photo caption below) ``The coup occurred late in the morning when soldiers took over the national radio, the airport, the.. More

  • In The Face of International Indifference, Israeli Brutality Crosses All Red Lines

    JERUSALEM (Islamweb & News Agencies) - In the face of on-going international indifference, Israel in the space of two days openly admitted murdering 14 Palestininians including children,literally in cold blood and continued to boast that its so-called strategy of pre-emptive killings will go on unchecked until the people of Palestine and the international.. More

  • Annan Warns Taliban

    UNITED NATIONS (Islamweb & News Agencies) - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told Afghanistan's Taliban rulers on Friday they were in violation of international law for denying legal or consular representation to foreign aid workers held for allegedly promoting Christianity. He also cautioned in a statement that the detention of the aid workers could.. More

  • Israel braces for feared Palestinian Resistance bombings

    JERUSALEM, (Islamweb & News Agencies) -Israel was braced for more Resistance bombings Saturday after occupation troops shot dead one Palestinian and wounded 10 others, and occupation authorities arrested two Palestinian Resistance men they say intended to set off a bomb in a crowded port city. As occupation intelligence reports warned of further attacks,.. More