Giving food as expiation for failing to observe fast in Ramadan due to a remediable ailment

Question: My father fell ill and the physician advised him not to fast for a year. He gave food to an indigent for every day in Ramadan that he did not fast as expiation. The next Ramadan, he fasted. Now, is it due upon him to make up for the missed fasts of the last Ramadan or is expiation only sufficient? Answer: All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that...

Fast so that you may attain piety

The people of piety: Throughout the Noble Quran, Almighty Allah ordered us to be conscious and fearful of Him, for might and honour lie in fearing Him. Only the people of piety and righteousness are the people of joy and pride. Piety is a great treasure of this...

Drinking water thinking that the sun had set

Question I had to make up for a day of fasting that I missed last Ramadan and I actually did that before the advent of the current Ramadan. Here is my question: Having performed the Fajr Prayer, I slept and when I woke up, I looked at the clock and thought that the sun had already set. So, I drank a cup of water and then returned to sleep again. When I woke up again, I did not remember whether it had in fact been before or after sunset when I drank the water....

O You Who Has Completed Ramadan - I

With the conclusion of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Muslims ask Allah The Almighty to accept the righteous deeds they have performed in it and pledge to Him that they will continue the performance of good deeds and remain steadfast upon the path of righteousness....

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  • Making up a missed fast on Friday alone

    Question: salam. its forbiden to fast on friday(only) but can we fast if we are keeping obligatory missed fasts ? jazakAllahukhairan. Fatwa: All perfect...

  • Bleeding and fasting during Ramadan

    Question: salam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa Barakatu I had an abortion one week ago; by the begining of Ramadan I will be in my second week. Now I have little drops...

  • How to receive the month of Ramadan

    Question: Would you please tell me how to receive the noble month of Ramadan? Fatwa: All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there...