The place of I‘tikaaf

We have previously mentioned that staying in the mosque is a condition for the validity of I‘tikaaf (seclusion in the mosque) that cannot be valid elsewhere. Rather, there is consensus on that as mentioned by Al-Qurtubi and by Ibn Qudaamah, may Allah have mercy upon them. in Al-Mughni. Ibn Rushd, may Allah have mercy upon him, said that scholars agreed that staying in the mosque is a condition for the validity of I‘tikaaf except Muhammad ibn ‘Umar...

A Ramadan resolution

The best thing about the month of Ramadan is that it is a time of purification. I hope that you will agree with me that certain issues must be dealt with head on, and that it makes good sense, sometimes, to talk and listen to one another in a way that shows that...

03 Ramadan

3 Ramadan - Death of Faatimah, daughter of Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam - 11 A.H. - Death of Marwaan Ibn Al-Hakam by poison at the hand of his wife - 56 A.H....

Fasting on Behalf of the Deceased

In a Hadeeth on the authority of ‘Aa’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, she said that the Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “Whoever died and ought to have fasted (the missed days of Ramadan), one of his relatives,...

Prayer Times

Prayer times for Doha, Qatar Other?
  • Fajr
    04:11 AM
  • Dhuhr
    11:21 AM
  • Asr
    02:42 PM
  • Maghrib
    05:12 PM
  • Isha
    06:42 PM

The Month of Mercy

Soul Purification

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Ramadan Fatwa

  • Making up a missed fast on Friday alone

    Question: salam. its forbiden to fast on friday(only) but can we fast if we are keeping obligatory missed fasts ? jazakAllahukhairan. Fatwa: All perfect...

  • Bleeding and fasting during Ramadan

    Question: salam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa Barakatu I had an abortion one week ago; by the begining of Ramadan I will be in my second week. Now I have little drops...

  • How to receive the month of Ramadan

    Question: Would you please tell me how to receive the noble month of Ramadan? Fatwa: All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there...